Gratituesday- 6/8/2010

This week, I’m grateful for a couple things.

First, that I had a cancelled meeting.  I normally love going to board meetings and wasn’t too upset about the one scheduled for last night, but there was a coupon class that I really really wanted to go to at the same time.  So I think God had a plan and liked me a bit extra yesterday and got the meeting cancelled so I could go to the class!

And the class itself was quite fun!  It’s always nice to be around like-minded women.  And the fact that I ran to Walmart after and got three packs of pampers wipes for 26 cents (total) doesn’t hurt either!

I’m also EXTREMELY EXCITED and grateful beyond WORDS that my dearest husband will be coming with me to the Michigan Home school conference later this month.  I’ve been many times as I grew up and I love the conference, but despite his willingness to home school our kid(s) he’s never really been “involved” in the culture.  I’m so glad that that is going to change!  Plus, we’ll get to spend the night in a hotel room (granted, with Grace, but that’s ok) and I am going to make sure there is a swimming pool!

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