Summer of the Skirt- Wardrobe Evaluation

The first step in this project is to evaluate your wardrobe to see what you have and what you (may) need.

Before you even start evaluating, make sure you only have things you will wear in your closet/dresser.  I just did a major clean out of all the clothes that either didn’t fit me or that I just didn’t like anymore.  Clearing out this clutter will help you on a day to day basis.  You won’t have to try on multiple outfits because they don’t fit and you won’t have to lament about how you don’t like your clothes.  What you do with the misfits is up to you.  I will be attempting to sell any clothes that I don’t want and then will donate what doesn’t sell.  I could keep a good portion of it under the “But I want to lose weight and get back down to that size!” argument, but I feel that by the time I do  get down to that size (if ever, even) I probably won’t like those pieces anymore and will want new ones anyway.  Also make sure you throw away any clothes that aren’t fit to be worn by anyone (or re-purpose them to rags or some other project).

Now that your closet has been purged and organized (it is organized, isn’t it?) it’s time to evaluate what you have.  I’ll illustrate my closet with pictures!

First, dresses.  I have six currently, three that are a little more “special occasion” and three sundresses.

Second, skirts.  I’ve got three tiered racks to hold what I currently have.  I like to double up for extra space, so these hold more than the four levels of clips.

First set of clips: neutral skirts.  Two greens, three blacks, a khaki and two browns.  Variety of lengths, from knee (most of them) to close to ankle.

Second set: casual denim skirts, I have five.  These are all hand-me-downs I just got from my mom with a variety of a-line and straight styles, all fall right around the knee.

Finally, “colored” skirts.  I have two blue family and two pink family.   One is more dressy, the others can either be dressed up or down based on the top and shoes.

I also have one winter skirt that’s very heavy and plaid and practically flannel.  I won’t be wearing it this summer.

So skirt wise, I’m doing pretty good!  I have a good mix of colors, fabrics, level of dressiness; it’s all looking very good!  All told I have 17 skirts and 6 dresses.  If I needed to buy anything, it would be some more dresses, but I’m probably fine with what I’ve got.

Now what about tops?  I’m not going to show you all of mine, but I have a bunch in my closet as well as a drawer and a half.  I have a variety of colors, styles, dressy or casual.  If I buy any tops, it will be more for “fun” than for any need to match them with a particular skirt.

And undergarments?  Those are nearly as important as what you’re wearing out on top?  I am still mainly in nursing bras, which is kind of frustrating with the flowy and loose tops of summer (read: no support).  I do have one neutral push up bra that I can wear for special occasions or when I know I’m not going to need to nurse.  But almost more important than bras, at least when we’re talking skirts is the mid-thigh shaper. I highly recommend this product.  My thighs rub together like none other and when you combine that with hot weather it’s a sticky, wet, hot mess.  The small bit of heat and the slight annoyance of taking these things off to go to the restroom is well worth it when your legs simply don’t stick.  I did purchase mine (in white) at Target for a very reasonable price.  And you will be so thankful you did buy one!  I would advise getting one in nude or white, but if you are able to buy multiple colors, feel free to go for all of them!  I don’t have any white skirts, so I didn’t need nude.  I do have light skirts that you can see through if I’m wearing black panties, so the white was a must over black (although the black does look pretty sexy!).  And don’t forget to check what length slips you have and if they are in good condition.  I have plenty in a variety of sizes.  I also have all neutral colors, although I could use a shorter black one.  I don’t wear pantyhose in the summer but if you do, make sure to check yours for holes.  If they have any, throw away or re-purpose as your desire goes and plan to buy new.

Accessories.  I just recently had a Lia Sophia party, so I have a fair amount of jewelry.  Some of it would not go with what I have, but they all at least reflect my style and I’m sure there’s some piece that I could wear with each outfit.  Depending on my schedule, I’m going to try to wear some sort of jewelry every day.  Purses, well, I’m not much of a purse girl, but I have two suitable summer bags in neutral colors.  If I get one as a gift, fantastic, but I don’t need any right now.

Shoes.  Here is where I have a bit of a dilemma.  I have suitable flip flops.  I have some white wedges (Steve Madden!).  I have plenty of dressy shoes (both black and white).  I have some pretty nifty plaid pink wedges and some black casual heels.  My problem is I just don’t like my shoes. Nor do I have anything that is particularly comfy and durable.  So I think that’s my main need.

Because that is what this evaluation is all about.   Seeing what you need in order to meet your personal goal for the Summer of the Skirt.

So my shopping list looks something like this, in order of importance:

  • comfy, durable shoes, neutral color (probably brown, if I find a good deal, multiple neutral shades)
  • any fun shoes I might find that also fit the “comfy” and “durable” requirements
  • short, black slip
  • a dress or two
  • any tops for fun
  • any skirts for fun (not neutral or denim unless I replace one that I currently own)

Now that the evaluation is done, and the shopping list is written, the next step will be Budgeting and Shopping. I’ll be talking to my darling husband after this post goes up to get a budget (I’m thinking somewhere in the range of $20-50 will be sufficient) and then I’ll outline to you my shopping plan!

So go evaluate your closet and write out your shopping list!  And get excited about wearing all these great clothes!


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