The Summer of the Skirt- Day 1

Happy First Day of Summer everyone!  It’s finally here: my favorite season!  And it’s the kick off day for The Summer of the Skirt!

I’m so excited about this project.  I’ve been wearing skirts about half the time in the last few weeks to accustom myself to it.  Yesterday I wore shorts as sort of a “lash hurrah” and felt ridiculous when I saw a bunch of women wearing skirts!

I’m going to answer a few questions that were asked (just a couple off the top of my memory).  I’ll answer any questions you might have, just so long as you leave a comment asking them!

Did you go shopping yet?!
Actually, no, sort of.  Some things came up, so I haven’t been skirt shopping.  However, I did pick up two pairs of shoes, on clearance, at Target that fit my criteria for neutral and comfy (one is beige the other is black).  I do definitely need a black slip though and I’d love to find a few more skirts! Since I didn’t actually budget/shop, that post will be coming as soon as I’m done!

Will you wear pants ever?
Probably!  My goal is to wear skirts the majority of the time, or as many days as is feasible for me.  I’m getting ready to move in less than a month, so while I can wear skirts and pack most things, I’ll probably don shorts for the actual move.  In addition to that, if I’m planning any sports activities where I’d be more comfortable in pants/shorts, that’s fine.  And if a special occasion arises where pants would be better, I’m not going to beat myself up over that!

Will your daughter also be skirts only?
No.  I’ve been blessed with generous family members who love to buy little girl clothes, so Grace’s wardrobe is set for the summer.  She has a nice mix of dresses, rompers, shorts and pants, and will wear them based on the weather, not her mother’s crazy scheme!  As she grows older, depending on how I feel about it, I might try and put her in dresses more often than not, but I’m not making any plans.

Feminists didn’t cause pants!  What are you talking about?
Fair point, and one that I totally agree with.  I don’t think feminists are the root cause of pants being the norm in fashion for women.  I do think, however, that a combination of necessity (entering the labor workforce during the world wars) and a desire to compete with men in the work place led to fashion designers embracing pants as a design element.  I don’t believe that women were forced to wear skirts in the past, rather I think that it was really the smartest decision.  Based on their lifestyle, skirts probably made life much easier.  And we have to remember that at times, pants were in fashion and were used by women.  In our modern times, though, I stand by my correlation between feminism and pants as the norm.

So everyone, enjoy your first day of summer!  Have a great day!  And before you go, proof of me in my skirt!


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