Autumn in the air

Oh friends, how I miss summer.  It’s only been a few days of autumn, but summer has left the building.  It’s back to jeans, sweaters and socks.  It’s back to cold rain and warm drinks.

I’m sitting in Starbucks.   I’ve been working, because I have a new job.  The last hour has been spent planning one of the upcoming events.  I’m a “programs director”.  I have a title besides “wife”, “mother”, “sister”, “daughter”, “friend”, “homemaker”.  I get paid for this title.

Today is the day for Eucharistic adoration at my parish.  I stopped in for 15 minutes and read the Breviary prayers for the daytime.  The concluding prayer spoke volumes to me.

Lord God,
You made known to Peter
your desire to bring all nations to salvation.
Let all our work give you praise
and carry out your loving plan.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.

This has been a blessed, consecrated hour of work.  I pray that I can continue to work in such a way.  Even if the things I’m planning are not specifically to evangelize, my work can still praise the creator and bring souls to Him.

Things are changing in my life.  Skirts are packed up in favor of cool weather wear.  And, well, those pants are soon going to be packed away in favor of maternity wear, since I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant.

Small hopes, like feeling the flutters of a baby inside me, are keeping me happy as the weather changes.  I’m keeping busy, after a busy summer, but I’m also looking forward to breathing some life back into my blog.

I’m dusting off the keyboard.  A little fall cleaning, a little follow-up on the Summer of the Skirt.  And then we’ll move on to new things.  New adventures.  And in the spring, when the weather warms again, we’ll celebrate a new arrival.

Pure joy.


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