God Provides: in 7 quick takes

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts 7 Quick Takes every Friday.  I love when bloggers choose a theme, and this is one that has definitely been on my mind lately!


Random babysitting jobs.  Not only can I help someone out, but it helps to cover the bills!


A “real” job.  I’m loving my new position and all the things that I’m working on.  It’s a way to use my God-given talents and it pays the bills!


Internships.  Chris needed one to complete his Associate’s degree this semester.  They typically like you to find one at your current place of employment, but that didn’t work in Chris’s case.  So he got a rocking internship working on Second Life!


Little gifts.  We all need clothes and Grace is a growing girl.  It’s always nice when my Grandma Joan stops by with a little something to add to her wardrobe.


Spiritual food.  Today is the feast of St Therese and this quote of hers has been speaking to me all day.  “God has always given me what I desire or rather he has made me desire what he wants to give me.”


Family.  When you need support and you’ve got six siblings and two parents and a husband and a daughter and a brother-in-law and a nephew and other extended family there is always someone there to listen or even just give you a hug.


Life.  From the flutters of my unborn baby to the slow gait of my dear grandfather, God provides us with life.  Let’s never forget to thank him for it.  No matter how long, or how short, that life may be it was ordained by God and that soul is precious to him.


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