7 Quick takes!

Cause really, that’s all I have time for!

  1. Right now, I’m 26 weeks and 2 days, which means that next Wednesday I’ll be in the THIRD trimester!  Time is just flying by, which is welcome news because I was getting very frustrated in November and it slowed down (yes, I know it’s all relative).  I’m very concerned about January and February, which are normally hard months for me (I think I suffer from a bit of SAD) but March will bring Jude and that will be FANTASTIC.
  2. I’m starting to feel some major nesting urges.  This is probably because of two things.  1- my house is a mess 2- Jude’s room is full of random boxes and Chris’s computer.
  3. I don’t quite know where Jude’s going to sleep, what he’s going to wear or how we’re going to get him around town.  I do know what he’ll be eating.  what a relief!
  4. I’m anxiously waiting the end of the year so that we can file our taxes and get our refund so that we can buy things for Jude. It will make my life much more peaceful.
  5. I’ve been suffering from much more back pain this time around.  It’s very difficult for me, because I do best emotionally when I keep busy (even with just housework).
  6. It’s hard for me to rely on Chris when  it comes to housework.
  7. Today I showered before noon.  (but it was after 11:30.)

Love you all!


One thought on “7 Quick takes!

  1. Hi Rachel!

    A beautiful post! I’ll pray for you and your baby, for as a mother of two I certainly know all about what your’e going through! I’ve started a new blog of my own, but barely anyone knows about it yet, if you could pass on the blog address to any young mothers you think might enjoy it, I’d deep appreciate it! Thank-You and have a wonderful Christmas! Mrs Allen

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