Saint of the year-2011

There are various traditions and blogs that go over the “saint of the year” story.  Basically, it’s all about chosing a patron saint for a specfic time period.

Jennifer over at Conversion Diary has designed a Saint’s Name Generator and it can be used to discover a saint of the year.  Or you can just keep clicking on it over and over to find out about different saints.  If I had school age kids I would totally do a “Saint of the Day” and use her generator!

So, without further ado, I’m going to go and pick and reveal my saint.  But first, a prayer (feel free to steal mine, or make up your own).


You know all things.  You know me best of anyone.  You know the joys and the struggles that I will face in this upcoming year.  Guide the selection of a patron saint for me so that I may have a friend to journey with in 2011.  Help me to be content with your choice for me and to not feel shorted or discouraged.  Guide me throughout the year and aid me in seeking my patron’s intercession when I am in need.  Help my patron to inspire me in my faith, to help me get closer to you!


Drumroll, please.

My saint is…

St Martin de Porres!

Hm, patron saint of: African-Americans; Against Rats; Barbers; Bi-Racial People; Social Justice; Hair Stylists; Innkeepers; Poor People; Public Education; Television.

That’s quite a list.  And I really hope that I won’t have to need him in that “Against Rats” category!

Go find out your saint!  Marty and I will be praying for you!


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