7 Quick takes- Jan 7 edition

1.  Today was the day I got my root canal filled.  I also got another tooth filled, to hopefully stop the decay so I don’t need a root canal in that tooth too.  Everyone, go brush your teeth.  Also, floss.  Then, make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned, unless you are on the ball and have done so in the last six months.  Seriously.

2. Grace is getting an attitude.  She’s been throwing little tantrums for a few months now but now that she’s decided that she can do everything herself, it’s gotten much worse.  A typical tantrum involves frustrated screams, running wildly with arms flailing and things being pulled down and/or thrown.  Sometimes I feel like doing the same thing as her.

3. I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards this week.  I am in full nesting mode and it felt great to get them organized, to pull out some expired food and to know what is actually in there.  Now to do the same with the pile of boxes in Jude’s room.

4. I’m very thankful for generous people.  Also for God providing.

5. I am stalking my mailbox for tax stuff.  I love to fill out the info on the website we use and see what happens.  Hopefully we’ll get all our paperwork quickly so we can file soon!

6. I love my husband.  And I also love that he does his best.  And he better finish up his associates this term.

7. we went to first friday mass today.  We sat up front with my grandparents and it really helped Grace to have the altar to focus on, instead of other people (although she did turn around a lot).  It was a quick mass but we didn’t have to go to the cry room.  Success!

Check out other quick takes at http://www.conversiondiary.com.  Jen is not participating this week, but there are always loads of great blogs to read!


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