Thoughts on pregnancy, our bodies and thoughtless words

Random musings fit my “I want to blog, but don’t feel that I have enough to say” sort of mood.  Mull on these, especially if you have a snow day today!

  • I switch between feeling like a fertility goddess (take your pick of which one) and an orca whale.  There is an innate beauty, a sense of power and femininity that wells up within me when I’m (hugely) pregnant.  And then I look in the mirror and am reminded of Shamu.
  • My sister, also pregnant, has gotten some comments lately on her size.  She’s two months behind me and “showing” but she’s measuring perfectly and really is doing great!  Which leads me (and her and my mom) to wonder: “What gives people the right to comment on the body of a pregnant woman?  Or any woman or person for that matter?”   Why is it that we think it’s totally ok to say “You lost weight!” or “Wow, you’re getting big with that baby!” or “Did you do something to your hair?”.  Really, the only person I want commenting on my size is my doctor (and only if there’s a concern or he wants to praise how I’m doing) or maybe my husband, if it’s something like “You’re beautiful.”
  • Words are powerful.  Remember that.
  • And speaking of words, did you know that you’re only supposed to put one space after a period while typing?  Unfortunately, Mavis Becaon’s typing software taught me two spaces and I’m afraid I’ll never be able to break the habit.  I apologize now if double spaces makes you feel this blog is unreadable or visually unpleasing.  But please don’t comment on that either.

And, just for the record, I’m 34 weeks pregnant and about halfway prepared to have this child.  However, he has fully developed kidneys, an almost fully developed liver and is definitely big enough to make an appearance!


One thought on “Thoughts on pregnancy, our bodies and thoughtless words

  1. If you had learned proper research paper format in your educational career, you would have already known that one space is legit. Though, I don’t know if “legit” would be APA style…

    Also. Babies!

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