7 quick takes- February 4 edition

Thank goodness quick takes exist.  I don’t think I’d blog much otherwise, but they can always get my brain juices flowing!

  1. Yesterday I spent FAR too much time at Ikea.  However, I feel like we made some great decisions on what we actually NEED and what we can do without.  And we didn’t spend any money either! (Well, except on five hot dogs, two drinks, two bags of chips and two cinnamon buns.  but that doesn’t count.)
  2. I’m trying to decide the best way to move Grace to a “big girl” bed.  We’ll be buying the actual frame in a couple weeks, but we do have the mattress now (so long as no critters moved into it while it’s been in the garage).  Right now she’s still in the crib, but we will need her out soon enough.  She’s almost two, she has climbed out of her crib before (once on her one, a few times with assistance when she insisted on doing it herself).  Is it better to try and transition her now, in the last month of being an only child?  Or should we wait until Jude actually NEEDS the crib?
  3. Slowly but surely, things ARE coming together for Jude’s arrival.  I keep reminding myself that I’ve got everything we NEED and that anything else that gets done is icing on the cake.  Although it’s nice to get the icing on before the party starts, because otherwise you’re all stressed and entertaining guests and then everyone wants to sing happy birthday but you still have to ice the cake.

    For the sake of the metaphor, insert “clean out the baby’s room” for “ice the cake”, “the baby’s born” for “the party” , “nursing, caring for and otherwise going absolutely nuts” for “entertaining guests”, and “the baby needs a room cause there’s no where else for him to sleep and me to sleep at the same time” for “everyone wants to sing happy birthday”.

  4. I dislike drama.  Particularly public drama.
  5. I’m doing VERY well on my reading goals for the year.  Last night I finished book number 7 out of 52.  I’m trying to get a good amount of books done now so that if I find that I can’t read so much later, I’ll still be on track.  I’m about two books “ahead” of scheudle, if you figure a book a week.
  6. I really really really want a kindle.  for a while I was against it.  Now I realize that you only need one hand to hold it, you wouldn’t have that annoying thing where the pages want to close when it’s a really big book and it’d probably be a TON easier to read when I’m nursing.
  7. Chris’s birthday is coming up and I need to get him a gift soon.  He also wants a kindle.  And he wants to go see the red wings.  And he could probably do with some new socks.  Now the question is, what do I pick?!

Have a great week everyone!


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