7 Quick Takes Friday- the insomnia edition

7 Quick Takes: or 7 things I got done between 11:30 and 2 am last night when I couldn’t sleep because of high anxiety and a brain that wouldn’t shut down.

1. Went through the boxes of girls clothes and pulled out any gender neutral items

2. Cleared Jude’s room of the 4 boxes of random stuff/papers to be filed and put them in the family room so that I can put things in their rightful homes.

3. Unloaded the dishwasher

4. Washed some dishes (quite difficult with my belly… and kind of painful to be bumping up against the counter)

5. Cleared the kitchen counter of beer cans and random items that needed to “go home” and wiped the counter and stove down.

6. Swept the kitchen floor

7. Picked up various and sundry items throughout the house and put them in either their proper location or on Chris’s desk (cause they are his and he can take care of them).

By 2, I was finally satisfied with nesting efforts and got into bed.  Then I got up at LEAST 7 times (about every hour) to use the bathroom.  But Grace was my angel child today and didn’t get up until after 10.  Thank you Lord for little blessings.

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