What to say

So, for the last few days, I’ve been coming on here and just looking at the blank page.  I feel a desperate sort of need within me to start blogging again.  A need to put myself out there.  Today I read a blog post on NCR by Matthew Warner about there being a NEED for more Authentic Catholics on the net.  Just regular, average people.  Me, in other words.

Are you there Internet?  It’s me, Rachel.  I’ll be trying to talk to you more.  I don’t know if you really want to listen to me ramble, but I’ll ramble anyway.

And now I hear a certain two year old pulling on her doorknob.  It’s supposed to be nap time.  AKA: Mom sits on the internet for as much as she can time.

I’ve been feeling an awful lot of stress lately.  Just a general feeling of “Wait, WHAT am I supposed to be doing exactly?!”  I’ve got so much going on, so many responsibilities.  I managed to actually drop one the other day.  It’s so hard to say “No”.

Speaking of saying no, I need to get rid of all the candy in this house.  I’m sick of hearing “Canny pease Mom” all. freaking. day.  If it’s gone, it’s gone.

I think I want to redesign my header on here.  Not sure what I’m really going to do with it.  Maybe switch themes.  It needs to be refreshed.

My birthday is in a week.  I’ll be 25.  Is it time for my quarter life crisis?  What does that look like?  Mid life crises tend to involve spending ridiculous amounts of money on frivolous things to make you seem young.  Should I be trying to save money so that I can have a frivolous mid-life?  This might warrant further reflection.

I’m out.  I’ve got about 5 bazillion chapters of the Bible to read in my quest to read it all in 90 days.  Yes, I’m nuts, adding something like that on to my plate.  oh well!


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