Summer Plate

This summer has been flying by.  I strive to be busy all the time, which isn’t hard just doing my main “job”: parenting.  I find that being busy is good for me, it keeps me healthier mentally.

I overextended myself a little far this summer though.  Jude’s been needier than Grace was so I’ve been having to make sure that I am always available to him.  He won’t take a bottle either, which makes it much much harder to get a few hours away.  Thankfully, though, some projects are winding down, I’ve decommitted myself from one obligation and I am feeling good heading into the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

What’s on my plate now?

  • Really Rosie is our summer youth theater program this year.  I’m producer and we’re “in between” show weekends right now.  It’s a little different because we have dress rehearsals this week for our cast, we did three different casts!  It’s a great opportunity for more actors to have lead roles.  With any theater project there’s been some “drama” and I’ll be thankful when it’s over for the summer!
  • DHCT in general is doing ok!  I’m now just a “regular” board member, which I think is good for this season in my life.  I’m hoping to just offer some peripheral support for the shows this year.  I like serving as a board member, but I don’t want to do too much, because I don’t want to have to quit.
  • One of the things that I’m dropping from my plate is BRICK (the youth group at my parish).  I’ve been a leader there for four years and while it’s been great to help out, I’m feeling the need to “move on”.  The Holy Spirit really spoke to me through some different situations/people this summer and I’m moving on to bigger commitments at ROCK (youth group at another parish).  The people who were really leading the charge at ROCK want to move back a bit and have asked me to fill the role as “leader”.  I’m really excited about this upcoming year and I might share some things as we get them figured out and finalized!  This is the third year that ROCK will be meeting and I think we’re starting to find our identity and be able to really minister to the teens well.
  • Work has been good.  I’m working on revamping our hall website (adding some better features and just freshening it up) and also creating a website for the Lounge.



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