The bug is back

I’ve been feeling that itch.  The itch to write.  My mom’s been back at blogging and it’s kind of made me realize that maybe I should too.  I’m not doing the hosted blog thing, cause honestly I have better things to spend my money on right now.


Life is pretty good right now.  I’m keeping busy and that’s always the best way to be for me.  I am reallllly working on building up my business and it’s SO exciting.  I have a huge thing coming up for it that’s a huge huge huge opportunity.  And then I have ANOTHER huge huge huge opportunity.  So things are looking pretty good!


I’m feeling more comfortable with different things.  Telling people how I feel.  Telling people that I consider them a friend.  Things like that that I normally avoid out of fear of conflict.  I still don’t like conflict, but I’m getting better on dealing with it.


I didn’t post about it, but my word of the year this year is “Do”.  I’m doing things. And I’m loving it.


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