Lentification Process

It’s Fat Tuesday.  I do feel awfully fat, but somehow I think “losing weight” is not an appropriate sacrifice.  My children, however, might think it’s a problem if I lose the pillow hanging out on my waist.


I read a nifty article with all sorts of “creative” lenten sacrifices.  one of them was to not use your pillow.  somehow, I think going crazy would be too much of a sacrifice for my family.  there’s a delicate balance between choosing something that makes you suffer and choosing something that makes others suffer.


maybe I’ll wash the dishes and do the laundry every day to completion, no complaining and no asking for help.  that’d be a pretty big sacrifice, and it wouldn’t make any family members writhe about in fits. but if it’s something that I “should” do anyway, is it something that I could do for lent?


I could give up sweets, or facebook, or the internet or tv or pop or any of those “usual” things, but those just seem.. petty to me.  childish, maybe?  I think I’ve moved past those things.  And besides, if I lost a bunch of weight, or enjoyed myself with other things since I’m not on the computer, it’s not much of a sacrifice.  maybe I should engorge on sweets while forcing myself to read things on the internet by all those people who are wrong about everything.


Seriously, though, I’m liking the idea of a Mary/Martha Lent.  Really forcing myself to kick the bad habits and start the good habits that those two women exemplfy.  Or maybe a Proverbs 31 Woman Lent, where I get up at 3 am and get all sorts of things done and be so amazing that others don’t believe it’s possible (it’s only possible through the work of the holy spirit).  I’m going to pray about this one, but I’m liking this idea!  


What are you doing for Lent?


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