closing the book

Somehow, when I sit in a public place, with a hot drink and my laptop, I end up here.  I’m making some changes… I changed the name of the blog (from Young Catholic Mom).  I changed the appearance (isn’t it cute?).  Things are changing.


It’s always amazing to me to look back at old blog posts.  They are these little snippets of life, from a year or two or six ago.  I am always amazed at how different I am, how much I’ve grown since the last time I wrote something down.


I like to think I’m a writer.  I like to think that I’ll blog daily, or even weekly (or monthly….).  But I’m lazy and I forget and the kids are loud.

But that’s all besides the point.  Because 2012 is done and 2013 is coming and there will be even more changes and in a year I’ll look back on this post and go “Oh Rachel.  You are so silly.  If only you knew what was to come!”.

2012 was good though.  I noted last year that my word of the year was “Do”.  I never wrote a blog post about it with any specific goals or anything, and honestly, I totally forgot about it.  I think I did things though.  Really, the biggest thing was doing ME, making me better.  Improving my mental health and my emotional health.  Working through the grief process to a point where I’m accepting thing.  Heck, my post from my birthday last year, where I dreaded the 23d of July?  I don’t feel that dread for this upcoming year.  I remember that I was so scared and full of tears because I didn’t want Jude to be born on Celeste’s birthday.  Well little “Sprinkle” aka Baby LaPointe #3 is due July 25, which means another birth near a Celeste-iversary.  And I’m not scared.  It is what it is.  If this baby shares that day with Celeste’s heavenly homecoming, it is what it is and it will just have to be.

I’m making plans.  Grace needs to learn to read, I can sense that she’s just ready to burst with it, ready to absorb EVERYTHING.  So I’m looking at what we’re going to do, and making plans and getting ready to open that door for her, and just watch her RUN through it.  It’s so exciting.

And now it’s dinner time and I’m sure Chris and the babies are waiting for me (cause they just can’t live without me).  I’ll be back.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe in a week.  Maybe in a year.  But I’ll be back!


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