Stop the deaths

Simcha Fisher has a very compelling blog post today over at the National Catholic Register.  You can read it here: Where to Hide the Body.

It brought to mind something that I’ve said before in various discussions but never really talked about.  And that’s what I think is the single most important thing both pro-abortion and pro-life groups need to do.  What is this thing you ask?

We need to insist on proper medical health care for all women in regards to their reproductive health.

As Simcha pointed out in her piece, Planned Parenthood has been fighting for years to have LESS medical regulations for abortions.   I think we’ve all heard of Dr Kermit Gosnell and his disgusting center that he ran until it was shut down in 2010.  If you haven’t, well, basically there were untrained “nurses”, women dying, blood on the floor, and it was often termed a “horror show”.

Whenever there is a news article about a state passing measures to ensure that abortion centers follow medical standards, you hear outcrys from the pro-abortion camp.  Here’s what I want to know though.  Why is it a bad thing for abortion centers to follow standard medical practices?  We’re not talking crazy standards, we’re talking basic cleanliness, ensuring that the staff is properly trained, that there is proper medical disposal of medical equipment and the bodies of the deceased and so on.

The latest example is Virginia, which just passed health regulations requiring abortion clinics to function as outpatient surgical facilities.  The requirements are not very surprising:

The regulations include licensing and unannounced inspections of abortion centers. They also require standards regarding medical personnel like requiring that the doctor remain on premises until a woman is actually ready to be discharged, improved sanitary conditions, and emergency equipment for cardiac arrest, seizure, respiratory distress and other critical medical situations. Abortion centers would also have to be built, or improved within two years, to standards similar to ambulatory surgical facilities. Read more

The pro-abortion outcry is centering around the requirements to widen hallways to meet ambulatory standards, which they claim will cause the facilities to shut down since they can’t afford it.  But this really causes me to pause and ask “Are the pro-choice people really concerned about the health of women?”  (And as a side comment, “Come on.  Any time Planned Parenthood is ‘attacked’ millions of dollars are donated.  Just send that to the facilities so they can make the proper changes.  Put your money where your mouth is and get the job done so things are safe. Stop lining Cecile Richards wallet.”)

It seems to me to be a no brainer that we are ALL concerned about the health of women.  That’s the basis of the both of our arguments, to an extent.  Pro-abortion says that abortion is necessary in cases of physical or mental health needs of the mother, they insist that abortion be covered under the Affordable Health Care Act because it’s “basic” health care.  Pro-life argue a bit more for the emotional and long term psychological health of the mother and are concerned with addressing the larger issues of fixing health problems comprehensively, rather than a “quick fix” of abortion.

Many pro-abortion people argue that being “pro-life” ends when the mother chooses not to abort, mainly because most pro-life people also identify as Republicans who are against universal health care.  In fact, I agree with that.  Health care needs to continue and I think it is VITALLY important that maternity health care is covered for all (and in another post I might go over why I think it’s also important for things like home birth to be covered too).

So here’s what I propose: that we all come together and acknowledge that meeting health care standards for all women is the number one goal.   That all women have a right to safe medical care.  That there should never be a case of women getting infections from improperly sterilized equipment.  That there should never be a case of untrained assistants dispensing medication.  That all surgical facilities provide care that equals that found at the best hospital and medical centers.  

Both sides claim that they want the number of abortions to decrease.  Let’s agree as well that not only that, but that there should be no deaths of women seeking abortions in existing facilities.  Forget about “back alley abortions” for a minute.  Women die getting legal abortions.  This needs to end.  Let’s work together and ensure that women can be safe, and then we can worry about getting health  care for pregnant and new moms and their babies, and then we can worry about educating moms about their bodies and how they work and how they CAN avoid pregnancy without dangerous hormones.  

Let’s work together to lower the death rate of moms and babies.

Update.  Just saw this article about a local to me clinic. MI clinic unlikely to reopen.  Again, a doctor who doesn’t provide safe medical care for women.  This needs to stop!


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