Who needs January 1 to set goals?

Yes yes yes.  It’s still January, it’s still the New Year “season” so goal setting isn’t that unusual.  But I’m just mulling things over while procrastinating at cleaning the disaster site known as my “home”.  So, thoughts.

1. I need to write about things and get them out of my head to fully “get” them.  I’ve been mulling over a post on mental health issues for at least a week now.  I just need to sit down at my desk and do it.  Same goes for other topics.

2. Same sort of thing with the house.  Sometimes I just need to do it.  I’m starting to slowly feel better (second trimester starts this Thursday!).  So I’m hoping that my stomach and nose will stop their current war and form a truce so that I can clean the kitchen without barfing.   On the same note, I”m slowwwwwly healing from my December and January illnesses.  The shortness of breath is getting to be less and less each day.  Hopefully by February I’ll be “back to normal” and won’t have to stop to breathe just from picking up the toys off one floor.

3. I’ve got to just do school stuff with Grace.  Again just do it!


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