And so it begins

Among all the adult issues I deal with in life, sometimes I get FUN issues to deal with.  Ones with the kids.  And yesterday I took the plunge into a BIG thing.  It’s a thing we’ve been flirting with, a little bit here, a little bit there.  But now, oh man, now it’s official.

I started the enrollment process for Grace.  Now, we’re not sending her TO school.  No, we’ll be homeschooling for now.  But I did something I honestly never thought I’d do, enroll with a school program.

I always thought I’d be a “unattatched” homeschooler.  I’m not really an “unschooler”, because I love workbooks and “doing” school and the kids love that too, but I never thought I’d commit to enrolling.

Confession: I mainly did it because there is a huge cost savings.  I want lesson plans made for me, at least while I have any children in the house who aren’t “in” school yet.  Once they are all in school and we’re past the baby phase (in, oh, 18 years?) then maybe I’ll make my own lesson plans.  But anyway, at $10 a piece, plus other bonuses you get with enrollment it just made sense.

So yep!  We’re officially going with Angelicum Academy, although I’m probably going to tweak the reading/language arts curriculum because I want to continue with Explode the Code, not Hooked on Phonics.  Hooray!


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