What what!

So, life is fun! Blogging is fun when I remember to do it! All my friends have been blogging and then I won an iPad and now I feel like blogging again. I think that desire is also stemming from wanting to get all the crap out of my head and somewhere that I can’t forget it.

SO life updates.
-Grace is 4. She is ridiculously like me when I was a kid. Dramatic, talkative, creative. A little sassy, but it’s no fun to not have a little spice!
-Jude is 2. He likes to be called “Iron Man”. He talks more and more and I love it. He’s quite a bit more violent than Grace was, but we’ve worked on “you hit, you sit” and the hitting and sitting is getting to be less.
-The two of them together is just about the funniest thing. They get along really really well 99% of the time. I love seeing that they have a good sibling relationship and I’ll do everything I can to help them nurture that and keep it going!
-I’m 33 weeks pregnant with Evelyn Maris. She’ll be joining us sometime in July or early August!
-Chris and I have been married for 5 years, and I think we’re awesome. Life isn’t perfect, we aren’t exactly where we’d love to be, but we’re working at it all the time and that alone is good! I wub him so much.

And yes. I won an iPad and it’s awesome and I love it.


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