And again my friends

Gah, I always have a million blog posts in my head and I never open the flipping wordpress site to actually WRITE THEM DOWN.

Update/Blog posts to look for:

  • woohoo, Evie is here!  Or E.V.  Or Evelyn.  Or Baby Evelyn.  Whatever you want to call her.  She showed up the day after my birthday, on Celeste’s feast day/birthday into Heaven.  I have some minor “feeeeeeeellllls” about this.  I didn’t have my usual down time where I mope about Celeste, cause you know, I woke up at 3 am and had a baby by 6:15.  And then I was recovering and whatnot.  But she’s here and things are going well and Jude’s only jumped on her head one time in almost three weeks.
  • Postpartum depression is one of my “pet causes”. Thankfully I’m not currently experiencing it, although I’m on the lookout just in case. Also I learned more about Postpartum Anxiety and now I wonder why they don’t screen for that as well.
  • Happy Breastfeeding month!  Breastfeeding week is done, but I might post about it anyway.  Side note, the nurses were all super impressed with my breastfeeding knowledge when I was in the hospital.  One even thought I worked as a counselor or something (if only!)
  • The plan right now is to start school with Grace after labor day.  I’ve put together a schedule that’s going to be a “year round” school schedule.  Usually six weeks on, two off, although that is different for the holiday season.  I will definitely post more about that!
  • Curriculum.  So, we did enroll with Angelicum, however I’ve ended up tweaking a whole bunch of stuff.  We’ll be using some/most of it, but we’re substituting MEP math (a UK program that’s all available for free online) instead of Saxon (wonderful, yet pricey).  And we’re doing explode the code all the way instead of hooked on phonics.  Expect some posts on this too.

So yeah!  Life is life and I just need to focus on a schedule and getting the things that are important done.  Living my vocation and all (and yeah.. I want to expound on that too).


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