Car rides are awesome.

Last night I was driving home from Meijer after picking up some pediapops for the kids.  I managed to have three AWESOME songs on in a row.

First up, Bringing Sexy Back.  Refreshing to hear a song I love that reminds me of good times.  I totally felt like I was 21 again.  Weird? maybe.  Oh well!

Then the song Brave by Sara Bareilles.  I’ve heard it on and off but hadn’t had a chance to really listen to the lyrics.  O.M.G.  This song seriously spoke to me.  I’m going to write a whole big post about this because it’s seriously pretty much life changing for me right now.

And then One Direction, You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.  Another pick me up.

But yes, a car ride has gotten me sitting down and writing again.  I have had blog posts rumbling in my head for months and I think it’s time to be “brave” and get the words out.


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