Comment Policy

As I get ready to start opening up about many sensitive subjects, I’m enacting an “official” comment policy.

1. Say unto others as you would have them say unto you. Don’t like it when people are rude, mean, nasty scumbags? Don’t act like one then.

2. Respect differing opinions. If you start trashing the other side, you are out.

3. No personal attacks. You might think I am the worst person in the world, making all the wrong choices. That doesn’t mean you get to personally attack me. Everyone’s life and situation is different, therefore your opinion is mainly only valid for YOUR life and experiences. Feel free to back up your thoughts with statistics and outside sources.

4. I reserve the right to not publish or delete your comments. If you want your thoughts out there for the world to see without me editing them, you are free to post them on your own blog or facebook page or twitter or whatever. Nail it to your front door if it floats your boat. But on MY turf, I call the final shots.

(This policy may be edited or changed at any time.)


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