7 Quick Takes! (Third Day of Christmas Edition!)


1. Merry Christmas!  We’re in post Christmas land, where toys are everywhere and the kids magically get along while first playing with something, until they magically stop getting along and I’m quickly kissing places where they hit each other with one of their new toys.

2. I have an overload of cookies right now.  My brand new, super cute, owl cookie jar is filled to overflowing and there’s still other cookies hanging around.  I might need to have a cookie eating party.

3. Here’s a picture of the kids with Santa.  We saw him approximately fifty million four times.  The kids did not mention that he looked slightly different each time.


4. I need a good, quality pair of yoga pants.  I don’t feel quite “mom” like without some sexy black skin tight pants, ya know?

5. I’m trying to embrace my issues, and one of them is that I always say I want to write and I never sit down and do it.  So I’m sitting down, and doing it.  Bam.

6. I’m loving going to St Albert’s for mass.  So welcoming.  And the adorable Christmas Eve pageant with the kids was, well, adorable.

7. I have to scrapbook.  Yet another thing I always want to do and don’t make the time to do it.  I really need to get off the facebooks more and start doing stuff so that when I’m old I can look back on it with joy.  I mean, I guess I could look at my old facebook posts too, but there needs to be more than that!

Go visit Conversion Diary to read more QT’s, except for Jen’s, because she’s sick or some other excuse.  http://www.conversiondiary.com/2013/12/7-quick-takes-friday-16.html


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