Who are you?

This past weekend, Mom and I went to a one day “retreat” called “New Year, New You” and the keynotes were focused on not  letting negativity get to you and really working to improve your life so you can live positively.  It was an awesome day and I learned a lot!  One of the best questions though, that I’m still muling over is this:

Who are you?  Define yourself without using any roles.

Which means you may not say “I’m a wife, mother, sister, friend”. NO. Those are your relationships, they aren’t who YOU are.

I want to start this and try to really work at who I am. So for a start…

I am….

  • a dreamer
  • a “dabbler”
  • a creator
  • a fertility goddess
  • an occasional chef
  • a reader
  • a writer
  • a lactivist
  • an actress
  • a director
  • a manager

What else do you think I am?  Who are YOU?


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