7 quick takes-5/23



Alternate title: I suck at doing things regularly.


I’ve been feeling very weird lately.  Hormones make me cray-cray and I’ve been ovulating and it’s making me depressed.  On top of that, I’ve been feeling weird spiritually.  I read Jennifer Fulweiler’s new book Something Other than God and it’s made me feel like an awful bad Christian who just doesn’t appreciate the gift I have.  So there’s that.  AND THEN I go and read my word of the year post, and I realized, God’s MAKING me do things I don’t want to do.  He’s embracing me and I’m struggling, like a petulant child who just doesn’t want to be hugged, but really I do want to be hugged, but instead I’m going to roll my eyes at you.  I should really put my verse up somewhere I can see it too… but even though I haven’t even really thought about any of that since I wrote the post, it is still coming “true” in my life and I can see how I’m growing in that direction.  So there’s that.

Topic change!  Essential oils are my new favorite thing.  I’m NOT into any of the MLM things, but I am finding things like peppermint oil super helpful.  I picked up some lavender today and I’m hoping it will help my eczema.  We shall see!

Evelyn is 10 months old today.  She’s started CLIMBING.  I mean, it’s not enough that she has to have been walking for almost three months now, no, she has to start climbing all the furniture.  Priority one is helping her learn to climb DOWN from things.

Going back to the hormone thing, just a VERY quick thought.  NFP during the postpartum stage, SUCKS.  I wish there was a reset button.

I should be cleaning.  I’m such a lame-o, because I tell myself “OH, I won’t spend as much time on facebook or message boards or anything today so I can ‘get stuff done’ like a real person” and then I go and find other ways to procrastinate.

It might be the minor depression related to the hormones, but I’ve been holing up a bit and not really doing a whole lot online besides reading.  So if you’ve been wondering where my voice is, that’s why.  Just being a bit of a turtle.  (Isn’t it world turtle day or something? Why YES it is.)

I love reading about personality types.  I’m an ENFP.  And I ALWAYS forget what Chris is, so I’m putting it down in writing: ISFJ.  We’re celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary tomorrow, and I still feel like I’m getting to know the guy.  AND we’re celebrating TEN YEARS as a couple next Thursday.  How is that for crazy?

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Go over to Jen’s blog at conversiondiary.com to read other quick takes!


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