Sunday Mind Dump-June 8

In an effort to try and get my head on a little straighter, I’m going to try and do a “mind dump” each Sunday.  Recap the week before, look at the week ahead, and set some goals!  I’ve been DYING for a vacation, mostly mental, but it feels like I’d need a week to get it together and then I’d just be back into the craziness, so it probably wouldn’t help anyway.  So here we go.


This past week was kinda crazy.  Chris was working a ton and it felt like any time he was off, we were going some where.  Costco trip was taken care of this past week.  We also had an extravagames challenge, of which my favorite part was the baby relay challenge.  That was Friday night.  Saturday we had Edison street sale, where I found some easy readers for Grace and two more parts to our mass kit (a brass chalice and brass bells).  We also had Grace dancing at a local festival for Tatry Polish Dancing.    Today is Pentecost, and Grace is helping me with a project that I’m going to write a post about as soon as we’re done!

The Week ahead

Monday: Chris is working the afternoon/evening, so we’ll be home in the morning, and then I think I’m just going to be home the rest of the night.
Goal for the day: Get the house cleaned up before Chris leaves, so that my night is easier.  Especially the kids bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen. I also need to get the homeschool co-op application in the mail.

Tuesday: Again, Chris is at work in the afternoon.  I don’t think there’s anything going on, so hopefully a rest day.
Goal: Relax and work on developing a cleaning schedule that works for us

Wednesday: Chris is off!  Aldi trip.  No other plans.
Goal: Make a list of what things we need to look at when we go to the homeschool conference

Thursday: Chris is off again!  No other plans.
Goal: No goal right now.  Catch up day?

Firday: Chris is working in the morning, and then we’re heading out to the east side for the homeschool conference. We are taking Evelyn, but Jude and Grace will be with others for the night!
Goal: get everyone packed, and the house cleaned.

Saturday: We’ll be at the conference all day!  Home in the evening.
Goal: Relax and have a good time with Chris!

Sunday: Don’t know what Chris’s schedule will be yet, but hopefully mass in the morning and a relaxing afternoon!

Have a good week everyone!


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