Organizing and Finding my Mission

Long story short, I’ve been wrestling with God a lot lately.  I’ve been trying to figure out what I need to be doing and he has made it abundantly clear that my focus is to be on one thing: my vocation.  I had an awesome experience last week with a direct sign (that I specified) and it’s SO clear to me. Actually following through, on the other hand, is not so clear or so easy. Key step for me right now, is to get organized.  In dealing with depression, I’ve discovered that if I don’t set up certain things in my environment, I’ll probably just spend all day watching tv, eating chips and drinking pop.  Not exactly good for me, and definitly not living my vocation.  So my first mission step is to get organized. I wanted to buy a super cool, beautiful, expensive planner.  But we are on a tight budget, so $10 planner from Target!  I’m personalizing it though, and making it awfully cute (thank you horde of scrapbooking gear!).


So there it is!  Cute enough, and I’m going to probably add some other pictures.  I can change it up whenever I like too, which is nice.


I apolgize now for the bluriness, my phone doesn’t like me lately.  Anyway, it had a lot of features I required.  Tabbed months, week views. I wish it had more note pages, but at least there’s space.  It’s done by BlueSky and, like I said, I bought it at Target.

2014-06-22 15.44.28

This is my month view for July.  I’m prettying it up with some decorative tape and nice pens, plus stickers from my vast collection.  Like the weird fish I had!  Perfect for when we’re planning on going to the lake.  Right now I’m using small post it notes to mark things that aren’t set in stone.. so birthday parties or “flexible” things like my day out or date night are on moveable notes.  Once something is set, it’s written in.  I’m also going through the calendar and noting any feast days of important and stuff like that.

2014-06-22 15.44.38

Then, for each day during the week I’m going to do something like this.  To Do lists, schedule of events, and when we are in a school week, any lesson plans or other things.  This might change/adjust, of course, and I love that it’s flexible.  OH meal plans… I need to put those in there too.

So, yeah.  There’s my planner.  I’m hoping that it will be a tool that I’ll use… making it pretty helps a LOT, I know.  I also cleared a spot in the kitchen where I can put it out and SEE it.

More Mom with a Mission posts coming soon!


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