Ebbs and flows

I find myself here every few months.  Just when I get down enough that the only thing I can do is put words on a screen. I don’t want to say the “d-word”, so I’ll just say I’m in a slump where nothing interests me.  At least there’s fall TV shows coming back (Yay! Once Upon a Time!).

We’re so busy lately.  Chris has a new job, one that has helped a lot with finances.  It’s tight as we work to get caught up on stuff, but I do not see how we were even eating a few months ago.  God provides, it’s oh so clear to me.  He’s now at work with a regular Monday through Friday schedule.  Tuesday morning we have our new homeschool co-op.  Thursday nights we have dance and now it’s Grace AND Jude dancing.  We’re way more into the land of school with Grace in kindergarten, so we try and get things done as much as we can.  I think my favorite day of school so far was actually a Saturday a couple weeks ago. We read our history book on the way to the Detroit Institute of Arts, where we checked out mummies and the ancient Egypt exhibit.  That’s what I love about homeschooling… there’s no right or wrong day, you just get the learning in as you can!

Grace is a reading machine.  She’s picking up words and sounds left and right.  She’s not quite at the point of picking up a book herself and reading, but she’s close!

Jude’s flourishing at the co-op.  He’s in a class with other three year olds for two hours and he has yet to have any issues that need reporting back to me.  He tells me that he hates “school”, but it’s clear that he’s enjoying it and learing things.  When he sees the big letter “A” sign off the freeway (for a gas station), he goes “LOOK!  An “a”!!!” except he says the short A sound, not the letter “a”.  It’s adorable. And phonetic, which I like!

Evelyn-bo-bevelyn is in a funk too.  It’s a lonnng wonder week, or rather, month.  She’s learning tons and becoming more independent, but at the same time only wants to be with me.  So it’s been a challenge to leave her at the nursery while I go teach my class.

Chris is doing well in his new job!  And I can tell that he’s getting out of his funk, because he’s starting to plan more homebrews.

As for me, like I said, I’m in a slump.  I feel like my body is falling apart, which mostly means I need to get back to the gym again.  I still haven’t been able to lose any weight, I think it’s just holding on to everything since I’m breastfeeding.  I’ve had some funky sore muscles, headaches and a variety of other ailments.  That drains the little energy I have left after taking care of the kids and doing school, so there’s not a lot left for the house and cooking and cleaning.

But anyway.  enough complaining.  Life isn’t bad at all.  Grace just brought a workbook over and is doing school without any prompting.  I’m going to make a grocery list.  Chris will be home from work soon.  Life is wonderful.


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