wednesday thoughts

I’m feeling the urge to sit down and write something, so here I am!  I wish I could keep up on this more, there’s so many thing about life that should just be written down.


Those little spooks are PUMPED up for Halloween.  Grace is super into it, counting down the days until it is here.  Jude is very excited to be “Mr. Bones”.  Evie is a little more passive, but that’s more likely due to her getting molars and just being a grump (who also has no idea what Halloween is).


They are mostly just absolute goofballs.  Grace and Jude usually get along swimmingly.  They really are best pals who can play together and have a good time.  But they are also both VERY much learning that screaming is not the best way to solve problems and that Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek.


Evie is SUCH a crazy kid.  Now that she is out of the long wonder week she’s much sweeter and agreeable.  She’s moved into that official “toddler” thing where she wants to do EVERYTHING herself, primarily she wants to feed herself.  She’s not bad, but there have been some super messy instances.  I was sitting and nursing her last night and just looking at her and kind of marveling at how much I love her.  She wasn’t exactly planned (and we weren’t exactly “avoiding”), but she’s such a wonderful blessing.  I love seeing how she interacts with Jude and Grace.  Jude really has a bond with her, when he wakes up before her,he will often sadly remark about how he wants her to get up so they can play together.


Oh Grace.  This girl.  She’s very into school.  At co-op I’ve gotten good reports from her teachers.  And yesterday she mentioned that she has a friend in her classes and THEN she said “Hi!” to that friend in the hallway, no prompting from me and without the friend saying hi first.  That’s huge.  I don’t know if Grace has the same weird friendship hang ups I have (where I can’t say I’m friends with someone until they say it first) but normally it’s a fight to get her to say hi to any of her friends!

We’re plugging along on our school work.  I’m proud of how she’s doing with reading, slow and steady.  She knows that mummies and Egypt are things.  She is doing well with our math curriculum.  All good things!

Speaking of which…we’re going to get some math done.  Hooray for homeschooling!


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