Save us, Oh Lord, from the messes of our own making

Man, that’s an awesome title up there.  Like, just THINK of all the theological goodness I’m about to spew at you.

Just kidding. Let’s talk about my laundry room.

Right now, this is the view from the doorway of my nice, large, laundry room.


Please excuse the glare coming from the window.

I LOVE this room.  It’s huge.  We have tons of storage space in there for all sorts of things, plus room for all the laundry type stuff, folding laundry in there and whatnot.

But if you can’t tell, it’s kind of a disaster.  Some things are fairly well organized, and just need some sprucing up.

For example, this is the shelf on the wall to the right when you come in.


Some of those glassware things can be consolidated, some things better stacked, etc.  But the worst thing about it is that you might drop something if you are getting something off the top.  Not tooooo bad. (we won’t talk about UNDER the table, which is a file cabinet of no organization, boxes and containers for bottle returns.)

Or the shelves along the other wall.


It’s kind of hard to tell from the pile in FRONT of the shelves, but these are actually fairly well organized.  There is a bunch of stuff that can probably go in the trash/donated, but it’s pretty minimal.

But the piles of boxes, the craft supplies and whatnot is the real problem.


Those four three drawer carts are supposed to be craft supplies, puzzles and some various kids toys like blocks and a peg board set and such.  If you can’t tell, it’s a mess.  The pile in front of everything is ALSO a mess.  About half of the boxes are office supplies from when we moved things around a while back.  Other boxes are too small kids clothing, unused cloth diapers (need to be sold/donated/something).  And a bunch of other random stuff that needs to either find a home, or be gone.

We’re hosting Thanksgiving here this year.  Now, there is ZERO reason for anyone but Chris or I to go in the laundry room on that day.  There’s a door.  We could stuff it full of crap from the rest of the house and call it a day.  But when this room is bad like this, I can not function.  More specifically, I can’t do laundry.  I like to put the baskets for each person on the table under the shelf, sort clean laundry into those and then take them to each room to put away.  But if it’s a mess in there, and the table is covered in who knows what, I can’t do that.  And then we run out of clean underwear.  And that’s not good.

So my goal for the next couple days is to tackle this project.  If we can get it done quickly, all the better!  You can all look forward to pictures of a well organized room, hopefully in the near future!


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