I just need a break

I love my children.  I really really really do.  But sometimes, I need a break. I need a break from the constant demands.  “I need a drink. I’m hungry, I want to paint. Come with me to the bathroom!” I need a break from the CONSTANT touching.  (Chris needs to support me in that one, cause if he so much as wants to give me a hug without me cringing, I can’t be touched out.)  Evie officially is weaned.  I didn’t hit my goal of 18 months (the age when Grace and Jude weaned) because I just could.not.handle the touching.  Getting that break of contact has been amazing though.

Sometimes, I need a break from my friends.  I don’t do a lot of in-person hanging out (thank you weird friend anxiety issues).  But boy oh boy do I do a lot of online socializing.  I’m part of a lot of facebook groups, some for specialized topics, some are just groups of friends hanging out (the “new” message board).  I love the one group of friends, my oldest online group, because we’ve come to an understanding that sometimes, we just need a break from everyone.  So we’ll leave the group, maybe for a few hours, a few days, a week or two, or longer.  And then when we’re ready, we message someone and get added back into the mix.  The freedom to be able to “leave the room” and not be pestered is GLORIOUS.

My Myer Briggs personality type is ENFP, and it’s kind of a weird extrovert personality, becuase I NEED to step back from the world regularly and ponder the things that are going on.  I NEED time to be alone, in the quiet, to process, to decompress and to relax, before I go out and do all the things.  When I’m able to fulfill that need, life is a glorious thing.

I love debate and talking about things.  I love my facebook friends.  I kinda realized, I have a good chunk of friends who I either don’t EVER talk to on facebook, or who I might not even be able to tell you one thing about (like even where I “know” them from, lol).  But more importantly, sometimes I need a “break” from friends.  I might love debates, but I don’t like to ALWAYS debate.  And sometimes I just need to share things with people who will say “Amen! Jesus is awesome.” or “HELL YEAH I LOVE BEER” and not start a 100 comment debate.

I love you, friends.  But let’s all just take a breather.  We can still debate, but maybe not on the days where I’m exhausted, and there are shows to watch on hulu, and my kids are sick.


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