On the eve of a feast


I’ve been antsy all day.  It’s been one of those days where you feel like you just can’t sit still, but it’s also Sunday so you don’t really want to do any work (“rest on the Sabbath” and all). I did go shopping, just to get a little quiet alone time before facing the week ahead.  But I think I know why I’ve been so darn antsy.

You see, tomorrow is the feast of the Immaculate Conception.  And I’m going to be making a consecration to Mary tomorrow.  I’ve never done this before.  The “old school” St Louis de Montfort version is REALLY time intensive, lots of prayers every single day and just was not my style.  I tried it once and gave up within a day because I just could not understand it.

And then I was introduced to the 33 Days to Morning Glory.  And it SPOKE to me.  I like to say that about things that just… well, speak to me.  Books that grab my attention and my soul.  Beautiful artwork, or a cute coffee mug, that I just connect with and understand and embrace.  And this time, I managed to DO IT.  I missed one day, doubled up the next, and have finished the preparation for this consecration!  I’m SO excited.

I managed to get to confession yesterday too, which was a bit of a miracle.  And I realized that this year was probably record setting in number of times I went to confession.  Not because of great sins, mind you (it was NOT a record setting year for sinning, lol).  But I would normally just not worry about going, and go once, maybe twice a year.  A Christmas and Easter confession kinda Catholic (which is FINE, and falls within the requirement to go once per year).  But I think I went four times this year… about every three months.  So if I set a goal for every two months next year, or every month if I get really wild, I’ll certainly feel like it’s more doable.

Anyway, I have so much going on in my heart.  I’m just excited.  And I’ve also been weirdly out of it today, so I’m assuming Satan is making some last ditch attempt to dissuade me from doing this.

I have so many other thoughts.  And another WHOLE different blog post in my head.  And maybe another WHOLE different one besides that.  I’m going to try and get my thoughts down more often.

So for now, for you, enjoy this lovely picture of my Grace-face with Santa.  The heart of a true believer… and a girl after my own heart.


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