7 Quick Takes- The middle of December edition

7_quick_takes21. I’m jumping back on to this bandwagon linky thing, just in time for the second week over at This Ain’t the Lyceum.  I’m only vaguely familiar with… um, whatever her name is over there at this vaguly Latin/Roman sounding place.  Er.  Um.  Maybe I should do more research.  OK.  KELLY!  That’s what I thought her name was.  She homeschools, or something, and that’s why she has the nerdy name (I’m assuming).  Clearly, I have more reading to do.  At least I read the about page?

2. A friend was polling friends about whether or not they finished their New Year’s Resolutions from this year.  I thought it was pretty wise to think about it at the beginnig of December, rather than New Year’s Eve, since you would still have a month to knock things off your list.  Pro tip: if you resolved to lose 50 pounds, don’t wait until December 1 to start.  So ANYWAY, I got to thinking about my Word of the Year 2014, which was Embrace.  And hell yeah I lived up to that word.  And yet again, I did it without consciously thinking of it!  I have lots more thoughts and feelings about my year, but it’s worthy of a full post, so that will come… soon.  No later than next year, when I pick my 2015 WotY.

3. I looked back to try and figure out all my words of the year.  I found three others… somehow I didn’t pick one for 2013, at least not that I could find record of.  2010 was “Peace”, 2011 was “Harmony”, 2012 was “Do”.  I feel like I’ve set a high bar of good words and will inevitably fail for 2015 by picking something like “Boogey” or “Tintinnabulation”.

4. I’m making plans right now for our second semester.  I like to look at the kids school year as generally coinciding with their birthdays, so since Jude’s turning 4 in March, we’ll be doing some more regular work.  Mainly fine motor skill development, drawing circles and squares or whatever. nothing huge, but I still want to plan.  Grace has to finish her kindergarten work, which is still heavily focused on reading, but we’re going to more steadily incorporate other subjects in an effort to get more order in the house and prepare for the rigors of… first grade.

5. SHUT up. NO WAY am I going to have a first grader.  Excuse me while I faint away.

6. This past semester we’ve been a bit… unorganized.  This is par for the course for me, but ya know. I need to tidy things up.  Any papers from school have been thrown onto the bottom drawer of this rolly cart thing I keep all the school stuff in.  I’m going to clean it out, put it in an envelope and label it “Fall 2014” and then put it in a box that I’ll label “homeschooling records”.  That way if I ever get reported for like, not actually teaching my kids anything, I’ll just point the investigator to the box.  They can sort that stuff. We’re too busy learning things.

7. Mr Jude the Dude, as he likes to be called (sometimes), has TOTALLY grown academically this year, with zero effort on my part.  His little ‘class’ at the co-op has definitely helped him with sitting down and working on projects, and one of the teachers was telling me how well he concentrates and focuses on things when he’s working.  He’s starting to want to pull out projects here at home, so I’m happy to let him grab some paper and crayons and do his thing.  And he most certainly is!  Hooray for me not doing anything special either… it’s hard enough that I spent most of the fall working on getting him more totally potty trained.  Which he also accomplished.  And his face just looks older…more four.  Which makes sense, but man I want my baby back.

That’s it from me!  “quick” is such a subjective word, isn’t it?  Head over to today’s link up to check out all the other awesome bloggers! Have an awesome weekend!

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