A plan, to plan

SO.  I’ve been sitting on this news for a while.  I had posted on facebook a while back, asking about planners and how my friends who are ENFP’s function.  We aren’t known for being the most organized personality type (more like the most disorganized).  But I’ve been finding myself feeling like my brain is all over the place and I just needed to have some sort of external brain.  In the past, I’ve used Franklin Covey Planners, with various degrees of actual “use”.  Other no-name planners have come and gone.  The one I bought in July?  It really really did not work.  It was too big.  The way the weeks were set up in the academic planner style were NOT conducive to how my brain works, and decorating to make it work better was just too time consuming and I don’t have the money to buy all the stickers and glitter that my heart desires.

I did some thinking.  I did a mind map of my roles and responsibilities and all the ways I could categorize my life.  I thought about how my brain works, what the best way to accomplish things is for ME.  I thought about my liability to procrastinate and to change things up at a moments notice.

After all this thinking and planning, I looked at a LOT of different planner brands.  Erin Condren is a SUPER popular brand and I really adored her style.  I like the bright colors and the covers a LOT.  I have a lot of friends who like her stuff.  But I had two problems with the planner.  First, the price, I needed something cheaper.  Second, I didn’t think the morning-day-evening set up would work for me.  I don’t have lots of things to schedule into specific times.  I need a place to organize thoughts into categories and as a “to-do” list.  Or to-done, if I’m in a less structured mood.  If you like Erin Condren though, use my link to sign up and you’ll get a $10 off coupon when you order!  She has TONS of other adorable things and I’m sure I’ll order some accessories and such (more on that later).

There were a few other planners, none of which met certain criteria.  I needed weekly, two page layout, left to right.  I wanted something customizeable.

And I found just what I needed in Plum Paper Designs.

I ended up ordering a Family Planner, with a couple extras.  After I ordered mine they added some awesome new add-ons some for home, baby and direct sales, which I might very well consider in the future!

Best thing though?  I GOT MY PLANNER TODAY.  Shipping did take forever (splurge for 3 day, it’s worth not having to wait a million years).  Soooo here’s my new baby:


I had them customize the colors on the front, and instead of my name, I did a quote.  “An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered”.  GK Chesterton is seriously my favorite.  Here’s a little tour of the insides!


Name page, sort of “boring” but I might decorate it a bunch.image


Monthly views are simple, with lots of room to write.  The only thing I do not like about this planner is that when you pull open from a month tab, it takes you to a note page, not the actual calendar.  Not a deal breaker though.

And this is where it gets fun!  Check out my customizations!

Prayer, Out & About, Housework, Meals, Framily, Self-Care and a blank one.  After looking at some various examples I found in some facebook groups, I miiiiight have changed these orders around a bit.  But I’m ok with how it is, and I’m going to make it work!

imageI also added extra note pages on each month, and these handy monthly cleaning checklists.  They break down into the weeks, and it’ll give me a place to map out bigger projects and to jot reminders for things like changing the batteries in the smoke detectors.

I am SO so pleased with my planner.  I’m setting some goals for myself to motivate me to use it… so after a month, look forward to some “action” shots, and then I’ll treat myself to some Starbucks!

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