Embracing the end of the year

Wrapping up this year is something I’ve been looking forward to. 2014 was a GOOD year for us.  Certainly not without struggles, but so much good has come out of it.

At the start of this year, we were so excited for Chris to start working at the Dearborn Inn as a bellman.  He was going to be able to stop bartending, and not too long after, quit O’Kelly’s all together (hooray for leaving a bad environment!).  Chris and I finally had health insurance!  Scheduling was still rough and different every week, but it was more regular work, great tips, a good work environment.  Since I wasn’t working outside the house, it worked well and we were doing ok.

Then, in May, I really struggled with some fears.  I was so afraid of drawing closer to God… and I made an effort to really spend more time in prayer, to really try and work on that relationship. I spent a lot of time in adoration, praying and relishing the quiet.  I was especially drawn to the phrase “Jesus I trust in You”.

Chris had an interview for a job we really wanted him to get, a cool location, cool company.. it didn’t work out.  But shortly after that one, he got in to his new job at Newscycle and it’s been a game changer.  Things aren’t perfect (still pay check to pay check).  But it’s looking up.  We’re going to be paying off some credit cards and the van in the spring, and it looks like we’ll really be able to start rocking and rolling.  It’s a different life!

2014 wasn’t without sadness either.  Grandpa left us in March, and Grandma Bea in October.  There was plenty of struggling and suffering in all sorts of areas, but the general feel of the year was one of relying on the Lord to take care of everyone, and a definite peace.

My word of the year was “Embrace” and I feel like I did that so much, especially with my relationship with Jesus.  It was an amazing year in that regard.  I also worked hard to embrace being “ok” with just being a stay at home mom.  I’m not a perfect housewife, by any definition, but I’m getting there and I’m excited to see how that all develops (and my word for next year is related to that!). 2014, I wanted to embrace my faith and my vocation, and I certainly feel like I did that.

Cheers to you!

Next years word of the year post will be up… next year. 


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