Where does time go?

How has it been so long since I wrote anything?  Goodness.  I have so many thoughts, so many ideas, so many THINGS to think in general.  I think about what I want to blog about…. and then never actually write it down.

Changing habits takes time.  Well, it’s a Friday… so let’s 7 quick takes this and just WRITE for goodness sake.

1. Happy Spring!  And Happy International day of Happiness!  Or something like that.  If it was warmer it’d both feel more like spring, and I’d be happier.  I’ll take what I can get.  But to me, it isn’t really spring yet, because I haven’t seen a robin.  We’ll be heading to the park later, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

2. My theory with kindergarten all along has been “meh.  don’t stress out about it.  as long as she figures out reading, you’ll be good.”.  Well, she’s sort of got reading figured out.  Imaginative play is apparently just way more exciting right now.  Still not going to worry about it, even if I do have a bit of mommy guilt over the utter lack of anything getting done.

3. I’m working on my spring capsule wardrobe.  I did a pared down winter wardrobe and it was awesome.  I didn’t really get bored, I didn’t buy tons of stuff.  I wore what fit me and made me comfortable.  Now, however, I NEED spring clothes!  Part of this is necessity, as all my pants just got holes in the crotch.  Definitely needed to address that issue.  I’m thinking about doing a post about my choices so far, and what I still want to get/find!

4. Value World (similar to goodwill/salvation army for those not in my area) was a bust for finding me clothes, but I did find things for the big kids.  Evie has tons of hand me downs from Grace so no worries there.  But the big kids… I always feel like they have SO MUCH clothing, but I think we’re really close to being as minimalist as possible.  Hooray for that!

5. Speaking of “Hooray”, if you use google hangouts, you MUST figure out the little code words that make images appear.  Right now, if you say something about being happy or the international day of happiness, you will see Pharrel dance across the window.  lolollll also makes laughing guys show up.  It’s SO fun.

6. I think I’m inadvertently fasting today.  All I wanted for breakfast was bacon.  So I just had my coffee.  Then a bit of potato chips and a quesadilla for lunch.  I need to lose baby weight, but I wish it were easier.  Like, I fasted for Ash Wednesday and the first Friday in Lent, gave up pop for lent, and gained weight.  Not sure what I want to do about diet and all that right now.  I love carbs and sugar too much, I think.

7. I’m still trying to discern charisms.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly what God wants me to be doing.  I feel a bit out of whack lately.  Distracted and adrift, too.  I don’t know what, exactly, I need to do to get my focus back, but if you can pray for me on that, I’d love it.

phew.  there.  7 things.  It didn’t take long and I only had Jude interrupt me one time to ask how many marshmallows he can have.  I probably should have checked to see if he had eaten his lunch yet…. ooops!

Link up over at http://thisaintthelyceum.org/sqt-a-new-look-and-the-same-old-same-old/ for more quick takes!


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