Word of the Year- 2016


Ah, the annual tradition.  First, a look back at 2015.

Last year, I went with “Devotion”.  My December might be clouding my look back, but I feel as though I made strides, but not as much as I would have liked.  Did I increase in devotion?  Sure, in a lot of ways.  In others I think I realized that I need to get priorities in line.  Was it a worthwhile word?  For sure.  And it was probably the year that I thought the MOST about the word throughout the whole thing.

So.. going back in time.
2015: Devotion
2014: Embrace
2013: Be
2011: Harmony

Last year I spent a LOT of time thinking about what I wanted my word to be.  And I did the same thing this year.  I went out on my own, sat down and wrote some things out and was pretty settled on my word being “Time”.

And then I woke up this morning.  And cried a bit because we’re all sick (Chris has hand foot and mouth, the rest of us have various ailments).  And my house is a mess because we’ve been sick since before Christmas and I haven’t even recovered from Thanksgiving and I just wanted it to be done before the new year started.  And then I realized something about myself.

It is not in my nature to be responsible.

So with that in mind.. I’m changing my word to something that was nagging at me the last few days.  Something that I think is what I REALLY need this year.. not a responsibility or goal to work for like time management.  But something that was on my list of values from many years ago. Something that I think has been missing from my life.  Something that I think God really does want me to have, even in the midst of stress and depression and that dreadful temptation to hopelessness.



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