How did I bring Joy into my life today?

  • When Evie tossed me a couple balls, I juggled.  Complete with circus music and a “TA-DA” at the end.  She laughed and clapped and said “Again!  Again!”  So I did it again.  And again.
  • I let Grace go play with Gigi, while Zeke came over here to play with Jude.  The kids joy brings me joy.
  • When I had a meltdown over something sort of stupid, instead of blaming Chris, I apologized for the wrong I had done.
  • I pulled a bunch of junk out of one room and sorted through it and threw out a bunch of clutter we did NOT need.  Life goal: to not let ads from months ago linger.  Be gone with you trash!

I’m liking how I’m approaching things so far.  My goal is not to be happy smiley all the time because that’s not what Joy is.  Instead the goal is to look at my daily life, the things that happen all the time and transform each instance into a thing of Joy.


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