To my love!


I’m sitting here right now with a stuffed up nose (that no amount of sudafed really helps), shea butter covering my chapped nose and lips, wet hair, and glasses (because even my eyes are leaking mucus, so no contacts allowed).  Yesterday was spent in bed all day and I have probably used about 200 tissues in the last few days.  I certainly do not look ready for a night out on the town celebrating love.  And while that wasn’t ever the plan for this year, I think this is one of the most romantic Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had.

Why?  Because I’m married to a guy who knows how to do all the right things.  He complains in his head about me (99% of the time).  He remembers that I was asking for these adorable colored bowls at JC Penney and gets them for me, even though the lady who rang him up was all “This better not be a valentine’s gift!”.  He gets me a mug with a cute saying about the best cup of coffee being the one that I get to drink with no one talking to me.  He bought me a potted hydrangea that is a glorious pink color, because he knows I’d rather have a plant that I can try to keep alive for a few weeks and not a bouquet that will die in a few days.  He gets the bag of chocolates because “there were more in there than in the heart shaped box, and it was cheaper”.   He spent yesterday taking care of the kids all day so that I could rest as much as possible.  He bought me lotion tissues, rather than cheap ones, to try and help with the chapped nose thing.  He goes along with me when I say things like “Let’s do this Symbolon class together” or “Let’s do this couple prayer thing at a church 30 minutes away!” or “Let’s forget about cleaning and go to the mall!” or whatever goofball thing I say.

In short, he cares about me.  He doesn’t care about what society says we have to have or do to be “in love”.  He doesn’t expect me to be a picture perfect housewife.  He doesn’t expect me to have all my shit together.  When I have a panic attack and run away to Target and avoid talking to him, he waits until I’m ready to talk and while I’m gone he takes care of things around the house I’ve been nagging him about. He just walked in the house and said he’s going back out to clean up a coke can that I left in the car that froze and exploded.

When we were first dating, I’d call him my knight in shining armor.  And it’s still true.  He’s the guy that fights the dragons and saves me.  It might not be very feminist of me to say that, but it’s true.  I need someone to come and fight the dragons that I can’t fight.  We all need someone to do that for us.

So Happy Valentine’s Day.  Happy World Marriage Day!

I love you Chris, no matter what!




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