Where does time go?

How has it been so long since I wrote anything?  Goodness.  I have so many thoughts, so many ideas, so many THINGS to think in general.  I think about what I want to blog about…. and then never actually write it down.

Changing habits takes time.  Well, it’s a Friday… so let’s 7 quick takes this and just WRITE for goodness sake.

1. Happy Spring!  And Happy International day of Happiness!  Or something like that.  If it was warmer it’d both feel more like spring, and I’d be happier.  I’ll take what I can get.  But to me, it isn’t really spring yet, because I haven’t seen a robin.  We’ll be heading to the park later, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

2. My theory with kindergarten all along has been “meh.  don’t stress out about it.  as long as she figures out reading, you’ll be good.”.  Well, she’s sort of got reading figured out.  Imaginative play is apparently just way more exciting right now.  Still not going to worry about it, even if I do have a bit of mommy guilt over the utter lack of anything getting done.

3. I’m working on my spring capsule wardrobe.  I did a pared down winter wardrobe and it was awesome.  I didn’t really get bored, I didn’t buy tons of stuff.  I wore what fit me and made me comfortable.  Now, however, I NEED spring clothes!  Part of this is necessity, as all my pants just got holes in the crotch.  Definitely needed to address that issue.  I’m thinking about doing a post about my choices so far, and what I still want to get/find!

4. Value World (similar to goodwill/salvation army for those not in my area) was a bust for finding me clothes, but I did find things for the big kids.  Evie has tons of hand me downs from Grace so no worries there.  But the big kids… I always feel like they have SO MUCH clothing, but I think we’re really close to being as minimalist as possible.  Hooray for that!

5. Speaking of “Hooray”, if you use google hangouts, you MUST figure out the little code words that make images appear.  Right now, if you say something about being happy or the international day of happiness, you will see Pharrel dance across the window.  lolollll also makes laughing guys show up.  It’s SO fun.

6. I think I’m inadvertently fasting today.  All I wanted for breakfast was bacon.  So I just had my coffee.  Then a bit of potato chips and a quesadilla for lunch.  I need to lose baby weight, but I wish it were easier.  Like, I fasted for Ash Wednesday and the first Friday in Lent, gave up pop for lent, and gained weight.  Not sure what I want to do about diet and all that right now.  I love carbs and sugar too much, I think.

7. I’m still trying to discern charisms.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly what God wants me to be doing.  I feel a bit out of whack lately.  Distracted and adrift, too.  I don’t know what, exactly, I need to do to get my focus back, but if you can pray for me on that, I’d love it.

phew.  there.  7 things.  It didn’t take long and I only had Jude interrupt me one time to ask how many marshmallows he can have.  I probably should have checked to see if he had eaten his lunch yet…. ooops!

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7 quick takes- “what I did right” version

“Things I have done right as a parent”

1. Please and Thank you.  These are two things we hear often around our house.

2. When Grace gets sent to the corner, she cries a bit then comes and says “Sorry Mama” for whatever infraction she committed.

3. Grace’s list of favorite foods would include asparagus, broccoli, bananas, eggs.  Despite my not so great diet during pregnancy, she loves good, whole, natural foods.  Take THAT Science!

4.  Jude’s crawling and he’s not even five months yet.  (Yes, I know I can’t really take credit for it, but I will anyway thank you very much).

5. I say “I love you” to my kids every day.

6. I educate myself on parenting topics.  I read relevant blogs, try to keep up on the science and am teaching myself the best I can so that I can be the best parent I can be.

7. Grace will throw trash in the trash can, and recyclables in the recycle bin.  This is more than I can say for certain other people in our house.

7 Quick Takes Friday- the insomnia edition

7 Quick Takes: or 7 things I got done between 11:30 and 2 am last night when I couldn’t sleep because of high anxiety and a brain that wouldn’t shut down.

1. Went through the boxes of girls clothes and pulled out any gender neutral items

2. Cleared Jude’s room of the 4 boxes of random stuff/papers to be filed and put them in the family room so that I can put things in their rightful homes.

3. Unloaded the dishwasher

4. Washed some dishes (quite difficult with my belly… and kind of painful to be bumping up against the counter)

5. Cleared the kitchen counter of beer cans and random items that needed to “go home” and wiped the counter and stove down.

6. Swept the kitchen floor

7. Picked up various and sundry items throughout the house and put them in either their proper location or on Chris’s desk (cause they are his and he can take care of them).

By 2, I was finally satisfied with nesting efforts and got into bed.  Then I got up at LEAST 7 times (about every hour) to use the bathroom.  But Grace was my angel child today and didn’t get up until after 10.  Thank you Lord for little blessings.

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7 quick takes- February 4 edition

Thank goodness quick takes exist.  I don’t think I’d blog much otherwise, but they can always get my brain juices flowing!

  1. Yesterday I spent FAR too much time at Ikea.  However, I feel like we made some great decisions on what we actually NEED and what we can do without.  And we didn’t spend any money either! (Well, except on five hot dogs, two drinks, two bags of chips and two cinnamon buns.  but that doesn’t count.)
  2. I’m trying to decide the best way to move Grace to a “big girl” bed.  We’ll be buying the actual frame in a couple weeks, but we do have the mattress now (so long as no critters moved into it while it’s been in the garage).  Right now she’s still in the crib, but we will need her out soon enough.  She’s almost two, she has climbed out of her crib before (once on her one, a few times with assistance when she insisted on doing it herself).  Is it better to try and transition her now, in the last month of being an only child?  Or should we wait until Jude actually NEEDS the crib?
  3. Slowly but surely, things ARE coming together for Jude’s arrival.  I keep reminding myself that I’ve got everything we NEED and that anything else that gets done is icing on the cake.  Although it’s nice to get the icing on before the party starts, because otherwise you’re all stressed and entertaining guests and then everyone wants to sing happy birthday but you still have to ice the cake.

    For the sake of the metaphor, insert “clean out the baby’s room” for “ice the cake”, “the baby’s born” for “the party” , “nursing, caring for and otherwise going absolutely nuts” for “entertaining guests”, and “the baby needs a room cause there’s no where else for him to sleep and me to sleep at the same time” for “everyone wants to sing happy birthday”.

  4. I dislike drama.  Particularly public drama.
  5. I’m doing VERY well on my reading goals for the year.  Last night I finished book number 7 out of 52.  I’m trying to get a good amount of books done now so that if I find that I can’t read so much later, I’ll still be on track.  I’m about two books “ahead” of scheudle, if you figure a book a week.
  6. I really really really want a kindle.  for a while I was against it.  Now I realize that you only need one hand to hold it, you wouldn’t have that annoying thing where the pages want to close when it’s a really big book and it’d probably be a TON easier to read when I’m nursing.
  7. Chris’s birthday is coming up and I need to get him a gift soon.  He also wants a kindle.  And he wants to go see the red wings.  And he could probably do with some new socks.  Now the question is, what do I pick?!

Have a great week everyone!

7 Quick takes!

Cause really, that’s all I have time for!

  1. Right now, I’m 26 weeks and 2 days, which means that next Wednesday I’ll be in the THIRD trimester!  Time is just flying by, which is welcome news because I was getting very frustrated in November and it slowed down (yes, I know it’s all relative).  I’m very concerned about January and February, which are normally hard months for me (I think I suffer from a bit of SAD) but March will bring Jude and that will be FANTASTIC.
  2. I’m starting to feel some major nesting urges.  This is probably because of two things.  1- my house is a mess 2- Jude’s room is full of random boxes and Chris’s computer.
  3. I don’t quite know where Jude’s going to sleep, what he’s going to wear or how we’re going to get him around town.  I do know what he’ll be eating.  what a relief!
  4. I’m anxiously waiting the end of the year so that we can file our taxes and get our refund so that we can buy things for Jude. It will make my life much more peaceful.
  5. I’ve been suffering from much more back pain this time around.  It’s very difficult for me, because I do best emotionally when I keep busy (even with just housework).
  6. It’s hard for me to rely on Chris when  it comes to housework.
  7. Today I showered before noon.  (but it was after 11:30.)

Love you all!

God Provides: in 7 quick takes

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts 7 Quick Takes every Friday.  I love when bloggers choose a theme, and this is one that has definitely been on my mind lately!


Random babysitting jobs.  Not only can I help someone out, but it helps to cover the bills!


A “real” job.  I’m loving my new position and all the things that I’m working on.  It’s a way to use my God-given talents and it pays the bills!


Internships.  Chris needed one to complete his Associate’s degree this semester.  They typically like you to find one at your current place of employment, but that didn’t work in Chris’s case.  So he got a rocking internship working on Second Life!


Little gifts.  We all need clothes and Grace is a growing girl.  It’s always nice when my Grandma Joan stops by with a little something to add to her wardrobe.


Spiritual food.  Today is the feast of St Therese and this quote of hers has been speaking to me all day.  “God has always given me what I desire or rather he has made me desire what he wants to give me.”


Family.  When you need support and you’ve got six siblings and two parents and a husband and a daughter and a brother-in-law and a nephew and other extended family there is always someone there to listen or even just give you a hug.


Life.  From the flutters of my unborn baby to the slow gait of my dear grandfather, God provides us with life.  Let’s never forget to thank him for it.  No matter how long, or how short, that life may be it was ordained by God and that soul is precious to him.

7 quick takes- Grace’s birthday edition!

And now I present to you, my 7 favorite Grace Philomena memories


Giving birth.  I pushed and pushed and huffed and puffed and I didn’t quite blow down a house, but I birthed a baby.  It’s a pretty magnificent thing!


Sleeping with her on my chest on the couch.  Someone didn’t want to sleep on her back.  I couldn’t sleep unless she was sleeping. So we compromised.  Her on my chest, all nestled snug.  Me finally getting some shut eye.  It only lasted until I decided to hell with the sleeping on the back requirement.  I miss it.


Her first real smiles.  They happened during our trip to New Hampshire.   She was wearing one of my favorite outfits of hers and was just adorable there smiling at her Daddy.


When she finally nursed without the nipple shield.  That shield was both a blessing and a curse.  But boy was I glad when she finally figured out nursing on her own!


Just looking at her.  I have all these random memories of looking at her while holding her (nursing or sleeping) and I can remember telling myself “Don’t forget! You’ll want to remember this!”  Well, I suppose I do, but her face is always changing.  I don’t mind.  That’s why we have  cameras now, right?


The way she says “Daddy” right now.  It’s like “Dah-eee” and it’s the most adorable thing in the world.  It’s pretty much the only word she says too.


Her joy.  Her spirit.  This girl is so happy and passionate.  She’s gonna go places.

Happy Birthday Grace!