Now, this post is not what you think it’s about.  No, I’m not going to talk about abortion (although that may come up in a later post).  Rather, I’m slowly getting drawn into a topic that I’m not entirely familiar with, despite my extensive theological studies.  And that topic is Calvinism.

I have a friend who is a pretty staunch Calvinist and has spent the past few months outlining his beliefs on his facebook.  I have lots of issues with it, and I will probably spend more time outlining them (for my benefit and his) but I want to focus on one key thing here.  I’m pro-choice.  And I firmly believe that God is pro-choice as well.

That is, I believe that God has created man with free will.  If this were not the case, we would be forced to determine that God not alone foresaw, but also willed that Adam and Eve were to commit sin.  If that original choice did not exist, then neither would original sin. One of the central points of Calvinism, however, is that we are predestined to either be one of the “elect” or not.  I firmly disagree with this and believe it is a misunderstanding of a different truth: that God as omniscient knows what our choices will be.  Just because he knows what is going on and what will be going on with us does not mean that we are predestined.

On the other topics of Calvinism, total depravity and their views on how salvation is obtained are slightly different.  I don’t disagree that we are dead in sin and I don’t disagree that we are saved by grace.  When it comes to semantics however, there are many details that I believe are misinterpretations of scripture.  Not to mention the various other “traditional Protestant” aspects that need to be addressed.

As I relook at my friends posts and really delve into this (I’ve held off until he finished his series) I will post some important thoughts about it.  I strongly feel that Catholicism is the fullness of Christ’s truth and that it needs to be out there.  Thus, as I work on improving myself, I will be sure to work on my spiritual side, and this shall be my first project!

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