Holy of Holies

After yesterday’s joyous celebration of Palm Sunday, we’ve officially moved into Holy Week.  We’re closing in on the most important of feast days and there is much preparation to be done!

For us mamas (and dads who want to help) this week should be one of cleansing.  In particular, I mean the cleansing of our homes.  I’m taking part in a spring cleaning challenge with some women via a message board, and oh what a wonder it’s done to my house and my attitude!  I’m surprised by how much some imaginary points (ala Whose Line is it Anyway?) can make me keep my house so neat and on track!

Traditionally speaking our homes should be thoroughly cleaned for Easter (hopefully being an outward sign of our inward cleanliness).  I’m pretty convinced that this stems from the need for Jews to cleanse their homes of all leaven (down to the tiniest crumb) prior to Passover.  One of my favorite tips to get the kids involved is the hiding of pennies or small prizes in nooks and crannies to make sure they are cleaning thoroughly.  This is something they did in the All of a Kind Family books and as soon as Grace can help me clean (probably next year, my goodness!) I’ll be utilizing it.

So as we go into this week I encourage everyone to put an apron on (bonus points if it is a cute apron!) and get moving on scrubbing down the house.  Perhaps you have a lot of “issues” in this area of your vocation, that’s ok!  If you can’t go through all the clutter laying about, then just bag it up and chuck it somewhere hidden to take care of at a better time.  The goal is to make our homes clean so that when Easter gets here we wont’ be worrying about it.

Spend some time in serious prayer this week.  Look NOW at your calendar to figure out if you can attend any Holy Week services at your parish (or maybe a nearby parish).  When will you be going to mass?  Are you going to try and institute any new family traditions?  Do you have easter baskets, candy, and plastic eggs?  Food coloring?  Are you READY!?