Menu Plan Monday- 6/14

So last weeks menu went out the window with several days of unexpected outings.  The rest of my monthly plan, also out the window.  Why?  Because I’m about to embark on an impromptu “Eat from the Pantry” challenge.  We’re moving in approximately a month, so I really need to use up as much as I can.

Not to mention, I bought about 10lbs of chicken breast and 2 fryers yesterday (great sale at Kroger).  We’ll be using a lot of that for chicken nuggets, but we’ll also be just trying to use that for the month.  I”ll probably do a few produce/milk/egg runs, but not much else!

So, for now, no menu plan!  We’re going to be out this weekend at a homeschooling conference and life is crazy all the other days.  Thank goodness I have lots of food to eat though!