Menu Plan Monday- June 7

This week is the first full week of my monthly menu planning endeavor.  I’ll share with you a week at a time mainly since things will (and already have been) switch around.

Breakfasts (current trial rotation):

  • cereal
  • eggs w/toast
  • bagel/English muffin
  • pancakes/waffles

Lunches (current trial rotation):

  • quesedillas
  • PB & J
  • grilled cheese
  • sandwich/wrap
  • salad (either greens w protein, tuna or egg)
  • leftovers


Monday: leftovers or shish ka bobs (depending on grilling ability)

Tuesday: Turkeyzagna (x2 to freeze one batch)

Wednesday: pizza (perhaps grilled, depending on weather)

Thursday: steak salad

Friday: butternut lasagna

Saturday: leftovers if home, or whatever is where we are!

Sunday: pork tenderloin

What will you be eating this week?