A little something

My dear husband recently started a “blag” here on wordpress and was singing its praises over blogger.  So why not?  I’ll probably transfer my posts from my old blog and try and get it going on here.  I need a place to journal about my goals and plans for the house.  I need support or at least a “listening ear”.

So yes.  A new blog.  A fresh start.  A kick in the butt to get going on things.

Format for this?  Let’s see…

  • a goal for each day.
  • a habit to work on for the week/month/however long it takes to form
  • successes for the week (posted on the weekend for regularity)

Goal for today: finish filing/tossing papers that are around the house.  In doing so, also clean off the dining room table.

Habit (borrowed from flylady.net): Laundry.  As the “Fly Lady” says, a load a day keeps chaos away.  Somehow those marathon washing/drying sessions never get completed with folding/putting away.  I need to work on changing that!

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