Recipe Review- Jr. Mint Cupcakes

I found this recipe at Picky Palate for cupcakes a while back and just tried them out yesterday.  Here’s some pics and my review!

There are the cupcakes going into the oven.  The batter was VERY thick and rather difficult to get into the cupcake liners.  There are three jr mints layered in there.

Mmmmmm.  Finished cupcakes.

And here they are frosted!  I did half with cream cheese frosting and half with vanilla.  They are tasty with either option.  I did use canned whipped frosting and used almost two whole containers.  Since I’d end up buying two anyway, I’ll probably do half and half again in the future.  I noticed that the kids preferred the vanilla frosting as well.

Final verdict?  Very tasty!  I’d probably give them an A-, mainly for the difficulty in getting the batter into the liners and because this dense cake tends to dry out rather quickly.  The best part is the minty centers, the jr mints melt in the middle and create a gooey center that is fabulous.

Definitely try these out!