Babies make everything more.

You may think that I forgot to finish that sentance.  I truly didn’t.  Babies just make everything more: more exciting, more fun, more crazy, more busy, more everything!

This past Saturday (early early in the morning after a long long night) we welcomed Zeke Vitale into our ever growing family!


He’s quite the charmer, we already love him so much!  He is actually smaller than Gracie was, only 7lbs 5ozs.

Somehow though, babies make me more forgetful.  So today I’m scrambling about trying to get everything to a state of “normal”.  So here’s what I’m doing/have done today!

  • Get the Curtains postcards uploaded to Staples to be printed (this is taking a horrifically long time)
  • Clean up in the kitchen (almost done!)
  • Finish going through my clothes and put them away (1st part done, 2d part is a hopeful)
  • organize Grace’s clothes (yes, that is still lingering on my list!)

But you know how it is, babies make things more!  Grace is, I think, hitting a growth spurt.  All she has done today has been eating and sleeping.  It’s nice when the sleeping happens, cause it’s letting me get things done, but when she is awake she is being quite needy, especially in regards to eating, but also playing.  I”m practicing being a “Yes Mom” who spends time giving to her kids, so I have no problem cuddling or giggling with Gracie. It’s quite nice to take that break as a matter of fact!


See what fun we have after taking a shower?

My girl is starting to make noises in her room, so I’m going to scurry and wash some dishes before she really wakes up.  Tata for now!

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