I HATE MY COMP! It totally locked up after I typed up this HUGE post….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

SO in short, since I’m not typing all that crap up again… today I went to church, got annoyed by my hair, got annoyed at rehearsal, and am just generaly annoyed.

Anyways…. ugh.. all the people I want to talk to aren’t on… dang them all… naw, they know I really love em.. don’t ya guys? heh.. I’m sure Becca knows who they are too.. but that’s a long involved story that doesn’t need to be told for everyone to see. That’s the nice thing about this journal, if there’s something that I want to tell some people, I just make a friends only post.. and then only like Becca and Tanya and Teresa can see it…. sorry to everyone else, but sometimes there’s some things that only girls should see.. like all that stuff about Nick.. or Chris… 😛 it’s ok guys, it’s all nice stuff…. 😉 ha, I love smilies, they are so great… perfect for expressing emotions that know no words.

So yeah, even though I’m cold, I think I’m going to go have some ice cream, and the rest of my chips.. I’ll talk to ya’ll later.


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